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Hearns Real Estate Solutions

Relocation Services:

  • Needs Assessment Surveys
  • Relocation Advisory Services
  • Relocation Claim Processing
  • Computing Relocation Housing Payments and Rental Subsidy Payments
  • Residential Relocations 
  • Business Relocations
  • Tenant Relocations
  • Identifying Available Replacement Properties
  • Farm Relocations

Acquisition and Condemnation Services:

  • Administrative Settlements and Justification
  • Closings and Title Cures
  • Condemnation Suit Preparation
  • Conducting Good Faith Negotiations with Property & Business Owners
  • Providing Counseling and Advisory Assistance
  • Reading Tax Maps
  • Reading Right-of-Way Plans & Coordinating Surveys
  • Reading and Understanding Appraisals and Title Reports
  • Reading Legal Descriptions

Property Management Services:

  • Surplus Property Inventories
  • Inventory Assessment and Disposal
  • Lease and Rental Services
  • Operations, Maintenance and Site Integrity
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