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The goal of Hearns Real Estate Solutions, LLC, is to provide quality expertise to its clients who are contemplating the acquisition of property for public projects. This occurs in phases of negotiations/acquisition, relocation assistance and program management work. To fulfill this goal, the company is staffed with individuals experienced in providing right of way acquisition and relocation assistance services to state and local public agencies in compliance with the Uniform Act and the various state and local guidelines.


HRES personnel have been acquiring land and relocating property owners since 2006 for federally, state, city, county funded projects and this experience, along with the continual training our staff undertakes, gives our clients the assurance their project will be implemented within federal, state and local guidelines. The projects listed below represents a sampling of the types of projects HRES personnel has worked:

The US Highway 221 Project, sponsored by NCDOT, involved improvements of US 221 from North of Southfork New River to South of NC 194. HRES was hired to acquire approximately 11 acquisitions and 14 relocations including a convenience store and gas station, construction firm, office, retail, and a used car auto. 

The Bridge Improvement Program, sponsored by NCDOT, involved improvements of bridges and structures statewide. HRES was hired to acquire various parcels of right of way. The program has required approximately 36 bridge projects and 125 parcels for NCDOT.

High-Speed Rail Project, sponsored by NCDOT, involved improvements of piedmont corridor, piedmont corridor, restore double track, haydcock to junker, in Mecklenburg and Cabarrus Counties. Several railroad crossing were closed throughout the two (2) counties. HRES was hired by a private engineering firm to acquire various parcels of right of way. The project required several acquisitions and relocations. 


The I-485 Loop Project, sponsored by NCDOT, involved improvements of I-485(Charlotte Western Outer Loop), West of I-77 to I-85 North freeway on new location.

The Yeager Airport Project, sponsored by the Central West Virginia Regional Airport Authority, involved the removal of obstructions for Runway 5 Approach/Runway 23.  It involved right-of-way acquisition and relocation advisory services, which involved the acquisition of 55 vacant lots and 11 residential homes.  As well as relocation of 8 property owners and 3 tenants, wherein affected all residents.  Phase I of the project consisted of the development of a relocation plan, the performance                                   of site surveys, and the estimation of relocation and acquisition costs. 


The Selwyn Village Condominiums Project, sponsored by Charlotte-Mecklenburg Storm Water Services, involved negotiations, on a voluntary basis, of a four unit condominium structure. Negotiating also involved the donation of a Greenway Easement through the floodplain area located in the common areas owned by the condominium association. 


The Sidewalk Improvement Program, sponsored by the City of Charlotte, involved improvements of sidewalks citywide. The program has required approximately 5 projects and 25 parcels for the City of Charlotte. 

The Double Oaks Redevelopment Project, sponsored by Charlotte-Mecklenburg Housing Partnership, a non-profit corporation, involved the relocation of approximately 360 residential tenants located in the 576-unit complex of the Double Oaks Apartments.  Additional services involved the property management of the apartment complex including all maintenance and rent collection until all occupants were successfully relocated. Responsibilities included understanding both URA and HUD                                      104(D).

HRES currently holds the following certifications:

  • DUNS: 078827351
  • CAGE CODE: 6WC27
  • DBE – Disadvantage Business Enterprise (Florida Department of Transportation) 
  • DBE – Disadvantage Business Enterprise (North Carolina Department of Transportation)
  • DBE – Disadvantage Business Enterprise (South Carolina Department of Transportation)
  • HUB|MBE - Historically Underutilized Businesses (North Carolina Department of Transportation)
  • MBE - Minority Business Enterprise (City of Charlotte)

  • SBE - Small Business Enterprise (North Carolina Department of Transportation)

  • SPSF - Small Professional Services Firm (North Carolina Department of Transportation)

NAICS Codes:

  • 531210 - Offices of Real Estate Agents and Brokers
  • 531390 - Other Activities Related to Real Estate
  • 541611 - Administrative Management and General Management Consulting Services
  • 541618 - Other Management Consulting Services
  • 531311 - Residential Property Managers
  • 531312 - Nonresidential Property Managers
  • 531190 - Lessors of Other Real Estate Property
  • 531110 - Lessors of Residential Buildings and Dwellings
  • 531120 - Lessors of Nonresidential Buildings (except Miniwarehouses)
  • 813990 - Other Similar Organizations (except Business, Professional, Labor, and Political Organizations)
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